Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The most random things I'm looking forward to...

  • being able to actually SEE what I'm doing when I'm shaving Australia (you know, Down Under. LOL)
  • going and getting Australia waxed instead of shaving it.
  • not having tan lines where my fat bunches up against itself.
  • pads that are actually the right size to cover my panties.
  • cute panties.
  • cute bras.
  • high heels.
  • not having the seatbelt dig into my hip.
Told you it was random stuff.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The slack needs to stop.

Down 1.8 pounds this week.
My last two workouts, I've actually gone 3 miles or more, which is great. Here's the not-so-great part: I skipped a night in between. And I haven't done any strength training this week, but I may see about taking care of that tonight.

I'm two pounds away from being the same weight I was when I did my physical to get into nursing school. For some reason, that's exciting to me.

I've also added monthly tanning to my gym plan... I actually want to be able to wear shorts without looking like a ghost. LOL

I just don't know about the contest at the gym. The last day is May 31st, and with the way I've slacked, I don't know if I can win it. But damn, I want to. I need to step up my game significantly. Less slacking, more effort.