Saturday, July 30, 2011

Urrrrrrrrgh. Gain.

And I'm not talking about the laundry detergent.

I know it's not much. I know I need to calm down, because I KNOW I'm retaining water right now (seriously, Tuesday I lost 5 pounds from Monday... all because I took a second blood pressure pill that's got a diuretic in it) I know I've eaten a bunch of salty stuff the past few days. I know this is not even my regular day to weigh in. I know all of this.

I still hated seeing that + next to my weight.

I hate how summer makes me feel so lazy... or maybe not even lazy, but just... tired. I need to be going to the gym, but... I just can't seem to get myself there. Urgh.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The cult's gonna kick me out...

Missed this week's Weight Watchers meeting because I slept 'til 11:30. My meeting's at noon, and TXK is a 30-ish minute drive. Now normally, I'd throw my shorts on and haul ass up there anyway... but Saturday afternoon, after I'd spent 2 and a half hours at the gym working out, I cut back through the ghetto neighborhood... and got a speeding ticket. I knew I was speeding... I just didn't realize I was as far over the speed limit as I was. I thought the road was 40mph and dropped down to 30mph as you get to the major cross street... yeah, well, the whole road is 30mph. I was going 43mph. The cop wrote it for 45mph. Thanks, asshole. Luckily, I can take defensive driving, pay a fee, and keep it off my record.

But, as you can guess, it clipped my wings a little bit, and I wasn't going to risk speeding up to TXK for the meeting.

Went to the gym this afternoon and did 50 minutes on the treadmill while watching the Rangers (lose). I don't understand why they can't turn the air down a little more in there... it's 100-something outside, and it feels like it's at least 85 inside the gym. I know... whine whine, whine some more, Claire-- it's not like you're actually having to work out outside.

Trying to decide whether I'm going back later tonight to work out a little more. I may end up falling asleep. LOL

Friday, July 15, 2011

I see what you're saying there, Kyle.

“To me, it's just like when I was a little kid, I wanted something to reach for so I put the Sprint Cup Series on a pedestal and went after it and tried to see if I could get there. Opportunity arose, I made it and now the next step is what else can you do? You put a championship up there, you put a lot of wins up there. Just something to kind of keep you going over the years just to kind of make sure you don't fall flat and get stagnant and just ride around out here."

This was from Kyle's media availability today at New Hampshire, about his 100th win (he's at 99 right now, and obviously people are expecting him to get number 100 this weekend). Why am I posting it here, when I usually take my NASCAR fangirling elsewhere? I'm posting it here because I read it, and I immediately thought about the goals we set on our weight loss journey.

Now maybe if you've only got 5 or 10 pounds to lose, you don't set those little goals along the way. Maybe your goal weight is your goal, period. But if you're like me, and have a lot to lose, you've probably got your own little milestones set up.

I think if I were actually thinking to myself "Okay, self. Goal weight is 127(ish). That's it. We've gotta get to 127," I'd feel like it was impossible. And yeah, I might push towards it for a while, but after a while, when it felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything, I'd be, as Kyle said, just riding around out there. And there comes a point when you're not seeing tangible proof of accomplishments that, well, you quit trying to accomplish anything. I don't know that it's always a conscious decision, but it happens.

So instead of saying "I have to get to 127," I'm celebrating all those milestones along the way: 25 pounds lost, 50 pounds lost, a smaller size of pants, smaller measurements, being able to walk longer distances without getting winded, learning to eat out without stuffing myself to the point of being uncomfortable, distance covered on the treadmill, feeling better, my face not being quite as round.

And to some people, those might not seem like huge accomplishments. But they're personal milestones that mean something to me.

Baaaaaack in the saddle again....

Yeah, because you have to imagine it being sung/screamed JUST like Steven Tyler does it.

Made it back to Weight Watchers on Wendesday, and somehow managed to undo the damage I did over two weeks, and then some. I acutally lost 2.6 pounds. Yes, I was shocked. That puts my total at 56 pounds gone, and now I'm only 20 pounds away from what my goal was for my birthday, December 8th. In other words, I think I'm definitely on track to meet and exceed that goal.

Finally made it back to the gym again today, and I planned it so I could watch the Cubs game while I walked. Now I should say I'm a Rangers fan first, but the Cubbies are my second team. Anyway, because I'm silly I'd considered wearing my Cubs cap that Lissa got for me, but then I realized two things-- hats trap body heat; I already sweat like a pig without trapping any body heat. So I went with my (basically) Cubbie Blue Nike top instead. Yeah so... the Cubs won. I will forever believe it was because of my shirt. *nods*

Managed to walk for an hour today, 3.0mph with a few 3.3mph intervals, and a few 1.5% inclines thrown in. Well, techincally it was 66 minutes, because I kept hitting the increase button on the cooldown. LOL

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guess who fell off the wagon?

I told myself at first that it was just for the weekend... then it became just for the week. Two and a half weeks later, I'm finally back on track. Went to the gym yesterday, back at counting my points.

I can't even tell you why I fell off... but I can tell you my body did NOT appreciate it.