Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh my gosh, are you kidding?!

Right now, I'm at 69.2 pounds lost. I'm within yelling distance of my goal that I had set for my birthday (December 8). And in addition to that, I'm 14.25 miles away from having completed my 50 miles in September goal. The thing I'm most excited about, I think, is the December goal. I'm hopeful that I'll actually hit it before the month's over, but I realize I may not. Regardless, I feel like I'll definitely be setting a new goal for my birthday.

I finally got around to buying a foam roller, and now I wish I would've gotten one months ago. I'd been coming home from the gym with my legs killing me, and I'd be stiff-legged... and of course I'd hurt too much to go the next day. Now I go, do my walking, come home and use the foam roller... and go back to the gym the next day. :)

So I applied for this contest/makeover thing at the gym... don't know that I'll be the person they choose, since I'm still unclear on whether it's just my location and they're picking one participant, or if the applicant pool is from five or so clubs, and they'll only pick one person from that pool. We shall see. I opened up the most I ever have about my weight in the application essay (well, aside from how much I've opened up here-- but I mean the most I've ever opened up to anyone local) The way I look at it is this: I would love to get picked. It would definitely be a blessing, since it includes a free year's membership to the gym AND free personal training for that year. But I know what I've accomplished on my own so far, and if I'm not the person they pick, I'll keep on doing what I'm doing, because I know I can.

Random stuff: I had to buy a smaller pair of jeans at Lane Bryant. This is actually my second smaller pair... I've lost two sizes, at least. Unfortunately, I had to buy regular (no petites left in the 26 Red bootcut fit) so they're literally about a foot too long, but I can fix that. LOL I've also discovered that several pairs of my panties are getting way too baggy, so I may have to see about buying some smaller ones. I'm in a much smaller bra size, and I probably need to buy some more bras, since the only stuff I have right now that's (nearly) the right size have underwire in them. Uncomfortable! And, really exciting to me-- I'm finally able to get back into pajamas I bought when I lived in Tyler. They're still a little... well, they're not uncomfortably tight, but they're not quite as baggy as I like my pjs to be. But I'm definitely getting there.