Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh, hello there. Didn't mean to disappear for that long...

So, I've been working out with the trainers for almost a month now, and I can honestly say I LOVE Michele. She is awesome, and so good at motivating me, and we have a great time talking and acting silly while we work out. I actually look forward to 10am on MWF. Some of the stuff we do is hard, but I haven't yet complained about any of it. I'm game to try everything she has me do, and I don't mind trying a little harder-- like going ahead and trying an exercise with a higher weight.

I had my first gain in forever today at Weight Watchers. My eating was kinda crappy this week, and I'm sure that's part of it, along with all the fun water retention because of that time of the month. BUT! But I'd like to believe that some of it is muscle. One pound. Oh well. We'll move on to next week.

NSV time... we went to the fall TMS NASCAR races last weekend (don't get me started... urgh) and for the truck race, our seats were on row 15 or so. There are 28 or 30 rows in a section, so we were roughly halfway down the section. I've HATED sitting lower in a section all of the times previously, because getting back up the stairs is just horrible and painful and I'm sweating and panting by the time we get back up them. Well, this time after the race was over, I stepped out and hustled right back up those steps without even having to pause as I went up them. SO awesome. Of course then I got to the top and realized Mom wasn't right behind me, and I had to wait on her. Oops. LOL
We parked in the free parking for the Nationwide race on Saturday, and I didn't even get winded or red-faced a bit on the walk in to the track.

It's so bizarre to me how much more fun life is without those extra 80 pounds hanging around. Can't imagine what it'll be like at goal weight. :) But it's nice that everything doesn't feel like a burden now, that I actually feel like doing things.

Oh, and my birthday goal? Met it and exceeded it a month ahead of schedule.