Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's nearly time!!!!

Mini-vacay is so close I can taste it! So excited about getting to see my oldest friend again (seriously, we've been friends since 3-year-old preschool) and getting to see Casey again, in addition to getting to meet Sarah. I'm also super-excited about getting out of this town for a bit. LOL That's always a good thing.

Switching gyms and dropping out of the contest was definitely a good thing for me-- I've lost all but 2.2 pounds of what I had gained, and I've been hitting the gym nearly every night. I feel great. It's wonderful to be back on my own routine and schedule.

Zumba starts May 8th-- I'm ready to check it out!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A jolt of reality via a friend's tweet.

So titled because that's what I got tonight.

I got my after hours key for the gym Friday afternoon, but I ate so much crap Friday night (seriously... 6 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, 9 Peeps (I gave Mom *one* of them), nearly all of a 9.9oz bag of Coconut Easter Egg M&Ms, several glasses of KoolAid, two (or was it three?) 12oz bottles of Coke, and a meal from Taco Bell-- the new Dorito taco, a soft taco supreme, and a burrito supreme with a medium Dr. Pepper) that I just didn't feel like doing anything.

I've been eating shit like this for two weeks now. Shit, and ridiculous amounts of it. I know I've been depressed. I know part of it was not getting to go to TMS, but it's gotta be deeper than that. And I don't really know what it is, just that it's been bad. And I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

But slowly, I've gotten my 'up all night, sleep til 2pm' schedule back, and now... now I have my after hours key.

So tonight, when Casey tweeted a pic of her pile of clothes that are all too big now, I thought "Claire, you want to see another pile of clothes like that. You don't want to have to make a pile of all your newer, smaller clothes that you can't fit into because you've been eating a bunch of shit, and not even enjoying it, but just eating it to try and medicate what the Prozac's not taking care of right now. You are going to get yourself back together. And you're going to start by taking your ass to the gym and getting in a proper workout."

So I did. 35 minutes on the elliptical, on the "one big hill" program. And then legs. All the lovely leg machines. The really nice part is that their machines, while not as new, are more similar to the ones that UT Tyler had at their wellness center. And I am beyond glad to have a seated leg curl machine, instead of one you have to lay down on.

And I felt great when I got done. I remembered how much I enjoyed going and working out by myself, in the middle of the night. I remembered how it felt to push as hard as I want, and not worry about the faces I make, how red I am, how big I am, and how loud my breathing is.

I will get back to where I was. And I will surpass where I was, because everything I need to do it is inside me. I have proved that to myself. It's okay that I got off track and forgot it for a bit, because maybe that was what it took to make sure that I will never forget it again.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Just because they're new...

So, I'm thinking the pair of Nikes I had at the back of the closet are going to have to go. I bought them... I can't even remember when, actually. It's been a long time ago, though. Before I lost any weight, I think. I found them while I was cleaning, still wrapped up in their box, and I thought "Oooh, new shoes! I'll wear these to the gym!" Well, in the two days that I've worn them, I've gotten blisters... and more blisters.

They're going in the garage sale, box and all.

In other news... I attempted to use the Stairmaster today. I can't figure out if there's some weight limit I exceed, or if I'm just dumb. I couldn't get the damn thing to work, though, so I ended up doing an hour on the treadmill. I'm leaning towards I just... had no clue what I was doing trying to get it to work. LOL I'll figure it out when I get my key and can go in the middle of the night.

And yes, I could just ask someone... but it's more fun to go exploring in the middle of the night. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I picked the PERFECT time to switch gyms!

Really, I did pick a great time to switch. As I was finishing up my lovely time on the elliptical (and um, I haven't quite figured out the settings on their machines yet, but apparently I increased the resistance on it without knowing it. HARD. lol) I gazed across the room to the bulletin board that hangs over the towel table (yes, we have towel service!) and saw a neon piece of paper that caught my eye.

Zumba is coming soon to New Attitudes. Yes, that's right-- the thing that I've been wanting to try for nearly a year but haven't because I didn't want to have to pay for gas to TXK and pay for the class and blahblahblah... is coming to my gym, 9/10ths of a mile from my house. And all of the fitness classes are included in your membership dues, so I won't have to pay extra!