Friday, May 25, 2012

So... the gym's a playroom now?

Let's be honest... I go to the gym in the middle of the night because I like having the place to myself, or at least mostly to myself. Another person or two is fine, because usually the folks who are there past midnight are completely focused in on their workouts, so no big deal. I mean... really. I gave up a free gym membership and free personal training so I could get my head right again, and go back to having ME time. 

So I pull up in the parking lot, and there are two vehicles, one of which I know belongs to a chubby guy who's there nearly every night, about the same time. I'm pretty sure he's there for the same reason I'm there-- he doesn't want to work out with a bunch of people around. 

I go inside, and discover that in addition to chubby guy, there are THREE chicks there. One of them is on my elliptical. (My current gym has three elliptical machines, which I have named Angelina, Beatriz, and Calista. Beatriz is the only one that can be trusted to work reliably. Angelina may or may not work, and Calista... you'll get halfway through your workout, and bitch just turns herself off. Oops, there goes your mileage and time!) 

So... no elliptical. Oh well. I pick out a treadmill and put it on the Glute Blaster program, and get to it. I'm thinking these kids (because all three appear to be teenagers... though I'd guess the smallest one might have actually been middle school aged) will leave fairly soon... oh no. They dart around from machine to machine, not really working out, just playing on the equipment. I've got my treadmill set for an hour, and I'm really thinking by the time I'm done, they'll be gone, and I'll go do abs and back... but no! Next thing I know, they've gone over and started the coffee maker. And, of course, are still darting around, playing on the cardio equipment, playing on the weight machines, going in the aerobics studio, the circuit training area... you name it, they went there. 

So I left after I finished my 60 minutes on the treadmill. 

And I resisted the urge to call the police and inquire about the curfew policy. 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am so tired of losing and gaining and losing and gaining (again) the same five pounds. And I know I have no one to blame but myself, and my eating habits of the past couple weeks. It's one thing to eat big on vacation, when you're having food you can't get on a regular basis. It's not okay when it's something you can easily get in your own tiny little town. 
I ate a bunch of ice cream last night. Five servings. Yes, I measured it and counted the points, but still. And it wasn’t even GOOD ice cream. 
I need to get myself together and realize that smaller pants are much better than multiple servings of ice cream that doesn’t even taste that great. Or… anything else that doesn’t taste that great. I don’t mind spending the points on food that truly tastes good, but this eating just because it’s there crap stops now. 
Not only do I keep regaining the same five pounds when I eat like this, I feel like crap when I do it. I know I used to eat til I was stuffed all the time, but god, it hurts now. It feels miserable, and after we had Mother's Day lunch Sunday, I literally spent the rest of the day laying on the couch, barely able to keep my eyes open, and wishing I could just cut a hole in my stomach and let everything I'd eaten spill out. 
And I don't like that I'm not "regular" when I eat like that. (Yeah, yeah, TMI. Oh well.)
Also, this missing a day or two at the gym crap stops now. I feel so much better when I go sweat and lift things and put them down.